Vista Maximus 4 Released on iPhone/iPod Touch!

The amazingly sophisticated Vista Maximus  theme has been updated to version 4 on the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Feature List:

-summerboard theme with 145+ icons and special statusbar
-categories icons and special categories background
-custom tap to login wallpaper for invisi tap bar
-custom other artwork with aero vista loading icons and more
-carrier images
Exclusive ROMEBOARDS WMP 11 skin, that doesnt offset ur video player buttons!!!
-made the sub categories look as if they were opened in a new window!
-new directory like fso carrier icon!!
-added theappletrees calculator skin
-Now works with any wallpaper!!, and leaves no remnants of the origional!
-included ROMEBOARDS Aerofox skin into the theme
-ants mod to create a fake moving mouse
-I knew u guys got tired of the ame old vista walls, so i made some brand spanking new ones!!!!(see extra wallpapers folders)
– lots of bugfixes!
– NEW Vista Maximus Battery image!
-it should be fully 1.1.3 3 compatible, at least whatever is in the 1.1.3 folder is…but be sure to read the readme FIRST!!!
-MS office word skin for notes app
-installer menu icons
-music menu icons
-finder theme
-new ubuntu theme
-pretty much tons of modifications and customizations to every single theme version
-sidebar mod
-leopard theme “emulator”
-lots of tiny minor details
-40+ wallpapers
-7+ login wallpapers
-thanks to theappletree for her music skin template(used to make doubletaowhileoplayin buttons and other stuff)
-psds to make your own dock icons(but with the new version, you can set one to whatever you want by renaming it)


To download: CLICK ME

The 95\98\2000 theme has been postponed for various reasons, it will be released later with the (lol service pack 1 we can call it) 1.1.3/4 other.artwork

There are soo many updates to this version, so even if you are just updating from VM3, i strongly suggest you reinstall everything!!!

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