How to Install Old Mac OS 7 on your iPhone/iPod Touch

A new old mac OS emulator has been released onto Cydia. It is called MiniVmac.


The guide was created by stecklars on iPodTouchFans:

How to download

Ok first i want to say that this is 100 % legal because Apple puts all old software for free download at

So i have made a .rar-archive with a few free mac programs and Mac OS 7.
Here is the link:

After downloading, extract it using Winrar.

Add this Source over Manage -> Sources -> Add

Download minivmac.

SSH into your ipod.

Open /Applications/ and now upload the extracted stuff.

When ready:

Open the Minivmac app. Swipe left with two finger. Select the disk called 24M…

Now Mac os 7 starts!

To use the apps just click on the harddrive symbol

Other commands in the app:

Tap with two fingers to toggle screen size.

Swipe up with two fingers to show the keyboard, down to hide it.

Swipe left with two fingers to insert disks.

Swipe right with two fingers for settings.

How to add your own mac os apps and where to get free ones:

1. Download this Tool

2. download some blank disks:
Extract the one(s) you want to use.

3.Extract the tool you downloaded


Slide Vmaclink.exe onto HFVExplorer

5. Now open a disk

6. Put the programs you want on it into the HFVExplorer Window.

7. After youre done, save the disk

8.Copy the disk into /Applications/

How to use those new Apps now on your Ipod

First start your Minivmac normally with the standard 24M disk you choose every time.
After Mac Os started, swipe again left with two fingers and select the disk you made.

Here you can get free Mac Os 7 apps:

The included apps in the standard package are:

QuickPop Assign hotkeys to applications, documents, control panels, etc.
BBEdit Lite One of the most popular text editors for Mac OS
Tex-Edit Styled feature-rich text editor
MORE Powerful and flexible outliner
Excalibur LaTeX-aware standalone spell checker
Glider Paper plain game

More Screenshots:

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3 Responses to “How to Install Old Mac OS 7 on your iPhone/iPod Touch”

  1. bob vance Says:

    will this work on my mac because whenever i try the RAR files wont open.

  2. seth Says:

    sweet. i just got a 2g touch, jailbroke it, installed minivmac and it works perfect. thanks

  3. Ras Says:

    this thing is the fucking bomb

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