GripShift Binary Loader for PSP Released

A Binary Loader (launces h.bin files) has been released for PSP 3000 created with the Spart SDK using the GripShift exploit.

The Pong game that was released a few days ago for the PSP 3000 is included in this as proof that it works.


remember to put your PSP in English otherwise it does not work.

* Put your PSP in English (settings> system parmètres> System language to English)
* Download GripShift Binary Loader: Euro version
* Connect your PSP to your computer via USB,
* Spend your PSP in “USB mode” with the “USB Connection”
* Right click on the file you downloaded,
* Choose “Extract files …”, (WinRAR is recommended)
* Select destination as the letter assigned to your PSP from your computer.
* Press OK and wait for the extraction of files,
(Warning: this will overwrite the current backup of your game GripShift)
* Leave the “USB mode” on your PSP
* Go to the menu and start Thursday UMD EURO GripShift
* Once in the game, press Cross to load the backup of the game
* The homebrew is launched.

To download: CLICK ME

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