iR Shell v4.9 Released

Ahman, the created of the PSP shell iR Shell has released a new version v4.9.

Here is what he said about it:

Here is a new iR Shell update, enjoy. You can find a new feature summary below. For a complete list and their usage description, refer to the “Release Note” document in the archive.

New feature summary:
– Support Playstation Network downloable games & demos.

– Interlaced TV support has been added for PSP slim. Games & homebrews launched via iR Shell will inherit the iR Shell TV mode. Most games will run at full speed with default CPU clock.

– For slim PSP TV out, added an option to control the audio output to PSP speaker. This will be useful for docking station with TV out & charging capabilities.

– Added an option to disable Memory Stick MagicGate support. This is meant to be used for PhotoFast microSD to MSPD adapter, or other similar non-MagicGate MS. By disabling the MagicGate support, you will no longer experience the annoying pause in XMB, such as turning on the PSP, switching off USB mode from XMB, quiting game/homebrew back to XMB, entering XMB video directory, etc.

– Added connection timeout support for nethostfs.

– For IR learning remote, added the ability to abort the learning process without waiting for timeout.

– Support user provided font files.

– Plus various bug fixes.

Special thanks to:
– Dark_AleX for the M33 custom firmwares and his assistance during iR Shell development.
– Tyranid and other developers in for creating the pspsdk.
– F34R, Osgeld, StoneCut and other moderators who keep running and providing technical support to the community.
– All iR Shell beta testers, donators, skins & plugin contributors.

– M33 Custom firmware & popsloader are developed by Dark_AleX/M33.
– remotejoy & usbhostfs are developed by Tyranid.
– iR Shell bundled skins & plugins are developed by their corresponding authors.
– iR Shell Manual & FAQs are written by StoneCut.

Installation Instructions:
– Unzip the archive and place the content to the root directory of your memory stick. Make sure to apply the irspatch under ms0:/IRSHELL/PATCH directory for your cooresponding firmware version.

To download: CLICK ME

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