BlackBerry Storm – Perfect Storm iPhone/iPod Touch Theme

Come Visit the New Site at

Here is a brilliant BlackBerry Storm iPhone/iPod Touch theme. It includes:22921

  • Icons
  • Lockscreen
  • Calculator
  • Media Player
  • Camera
  • Dialer
  • UISounds
  • UIImages
  • Safari skin
  • And most importantly, The KEYBOARD!

More Screenshots:

To download: CLICK ME

For added BlackBerry-ness, download BlackBerry Storm Click from Cydia for all the BlackBerry Storm sounds.

7 Responses to “BlackBerry Storm – Perfect Storm iPhone/iPod Touch Theme”

  1. 01spyder Says:

    The Banner shows the time twice on mine. The original iphone time then the large Blackberry time… any fix for this?

  2. jjkillaz Says:

    01spyder, download “extended preferences” from Cydia. Go into Winterboard and enable it. Then, go to settings, Springboard, scroll down to “Fake Time String”, then leave it blank or type in whatever you want. It should no longer show the time. Hope this helps.

  3. Brent Says:

    I love this theme, but is there any way to change the keyboard layout?

  4. Brent Says:

    After I download the there from the link how do I install it on my iPhone? I usually use cydia. But I do t want to do it from there because I prefer 1.0 instead if the new updated 2.0. I’m guessing the one in the link is 1.0??

  5. jim Says:

    is there anyway you can just download the suretype keyboard?

  6. suleiman Says:

    Main problem with this theme is that it does not adjust the time for daylight savings dude. What now?

  7. G Says:

    does the keyboard work like an actual blackberry keyboard

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