4 Second iPod Touch 2nd Generation Bootloader

Here is a new tool to that you use when you wanna reboot your iPod Touch 2nd Generation after you have jailbroken it using the tethered jailbreak.



I made this in about 5 mins to help anybody out there that had trouble booting. No unplugging just hit boot and its done. The basic patch was from the 1click bootloader. I added a GUI and wiped out the use of command prompt meaning that there are no batch files and when you click boot and command prompt is disabled the application will still work. Enjoy!

HERE is the semi-tethered working jailbreak with a HD video tutorial: CLICK ME

31 Responses to “4 Second iPod Touch 2nd Generation Bootloader”

  1. Ryan Says:

    does this do the full jailbreak or is it just for the reboot???

  2. bosok Says:

    any comment bout this redsnow?

  3. psp2468 Says:

    It is a tethered jailbreak meaning you have to plug it in every time you reboot your iPod.

  4. bosok Says:

    i’ve tried this jb, but it doesnt work…
    or is it i have to downgrade the firmware to 2.1.1 before jb?

  5. bosok Says:

    and now my ipod cant be detect by my comp!!!
    waaaaa….i plug n unplugged the cable, but nothing happen, nothing detected…..

  6. bosok Says:

    it cant be switch on,and cant do anything…
    the screen is pitch black…
    plez help..

  7. rasty Says:

    This thing doesn’t work. i get an error trying to open the .exe

  8. psp2468 Says:

    It is for 2.2.1. Try holding down both buttons for around a minute to make it turn on.

  9. bosok Says:

    my ipod is ok rite now.
    but it seems i cant jailbreak it yet, and i restored to 2.1.1 firmware..

  10. bosok Says:

    psp2468,sorry to disturb again.but can u please explain a lil bit about this jb.what will happen after click the boot button.
    i’ve already tried it, but when my ipt2g switch on, there is no any differences.and also there is no cydia or anything…

  11. Carter Says:

    It’s only for booting

  12. Boeviper Says:

    Does not work on the iPod Touch 2nd Generation firmware 2.2.1. It does the whole white screen thing then the apple logo then back to your home screen with no jailbreak!

  13. bosok Says:

    that’s what happen to me be4..
    then i try the GUI installation, using the 1.5 version
    and now i can jb my ipt2g…

  14. nomojunk Says:

    this tool is only for rebooting AFTER you’ve successfully done the initial jailbreak.

  15. Michael Says:

    so is this an un-tethered JB or tethered
    and does it work with the 2.2.1 firmware

  16. chris Says:

    i tried this but nothing happens to my ipod touch 2g but something turns on for a quick half second and turns off without doing anything. one question though…..do i need libusb or will it just mess it up?

  17. Helder Says:

    i used the GUI installation to jb my ipod 2g and the 4 second boot to reboot after jb it, i had a few problems with the instalation of the usb software, use to make my usb port to stop to work and then my computer will not wor any more, then i needed to uninstall the software again from safe mode of windows, after a few attempts to install the same software again only works (for me) when i put my Ipod in recovery mode (with the black screen) and then install the software again, after that i could jb my ipod and im enjoing a lot XD

  18. bosok Says:

    no need to do the safe mode and uninstall stuffs.
    juz try the GUI installation, follow the step carefully, and you’ll make it..

  19. chris Says:

    i tryed the jailbreak but when i go to dfu mode and unplug then replug the ipod touch, the screen doesn’t turn white it just stays te same what am i supposed to do?

  20. chris Says:

    also adding on to my post before…
    can someone tell me how i can change my vista into a mac not just looks like but the real deal.

  21. mytch Says:

    u guys this is not a jailbreak. its just a tool that lets u reboot your ipod without having to go through those confusing steps.

  22. kidwithitouch Says:

    so i can get everything to work, but why is it that whenever i power it off, it can never come back on and i need to reset it to dfu mode?
    is there a way to fix that?

  23. Ammar Says:

    Before you try and jailbreak your iPod using this, first look at this article:


    That is the ACTUAL jailbreak. After you’ve jailbroken it, the firmware is on the iPod now, but the problem is convincing the iPod to use it. That’s why it’s a tethered jailbreak, because the iPod uses the old firmware as soon as you reboot it. This program is a solution to that problem. Rebooting your iPod is essential to keeping apps from crashing but it would get rid of the jailbreak. All you have to do is put your iPod into DFU mode after turning it off and then use this 4-second booter. Hope that helps!

    And for God’s sake, use correct spelling and grammar! People can’t help you if they have no idea what you’re talking about!

  24. bosok Says:

    okay people, please use this 4 second jailbreak only after u jailbreak ur ipod touch 2g.
    this will re-jailbreak ur tethered version of redsnow, if u reboot ur ipt2g.
    a lot of thanx to psp2468 and the team…
    u make jailbreak easier… =)

  25. Helder Says:

    I have several problems with the LIBUSB software, and i solved as i say in may last post, i dont know if was luck or what but that works for me,, also i apologies for my grammar or my english but im not a native speaker 😛

  26. VistaUser Says:

    Hello Guys

    I JB my Itouch 2g with Cyw00d 1.7 but when I shut down my PC keeps going into a memory dump and wont re-start. I entered into safe mode. To uninstall the Lib-USB and BINGO that was the cause of the problem, unfortunately that program is needed for the Ipod to boot up, I shut down my Ipod to see if it would boot without the LibUSB program, but it didnt. Now its obvious that I will need it in order to boot up the ipod . Is there a work around for this ?
    PLease let me know. I have already set the compatability settings to Windows XP SP2. PLease let me know.

  27. Criso Says:

    Umm…where do i put the bootloader file on my ipod

  28. How to Jailbreak iPod Touch 2nd Generation - Redsn0w for Windows « AllTechRelated Says:


  29. Justin Bouma Says:

    Hey guys. I used this thing and worked flawlessly seriously. MAKESURE YOU FOLLOW THE DIRECTINOS EXACTLY. if you ever screw up, just restart the ipod by holding down the power button and the home button until your computer makes a sound and will recognize the ipod. good luck. ive jailbroken 2 ipods so far.

  30. psp2468 Says:

    WE HAVE MOVED! GO TO http://alltechrelated.co.uk/ for future updates!

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