Chronic Dev Team: Why Untethered Jailbreak isn’t Coming Any Time Soon

The Chronic Dev Team have released an article explaining why an untethered jailbreak is coming any time soon.

As you probably know by now, AriX has successfully been able to put together a working ramdisk with a few various hacks that different team members have helped with, (0wnboot for bootstrapping it, -v boot arg, etc.), but the question is now whether it should be released. In it’s current form, it is a bit hacked together, and contains copyrighted Apple code. It was made manually, and not automatically put together with a program, like what QuickPwn does to jailbreak you. So it is not suitable for release, which leads to the next question: Should we really put time towards it?

We can run unsigned code, we can boot a custom ramdisk to deploy Cydia and such, but it all boils down to a tethered jailbreak, as everyone knows a bootrom exploit is pretty much needed to get any further. People keep asking us to release the tethered one, but they don’t realize that the work that would need to be put into creating a user friendly tethered one would drastically take away from our time reversing the bootrom to have a permanant jailbreak. I’m not saying it will never happen, but I do think you should look at the facts…

Tethered Jailbreak:
– I have had my iPod jailbroken this way, and the connecting to a computer every boot thing is REALLY annoying, it might not seem so, but it is.
– Battery dies? Connect to a computer to boot up.
– Applications crashes / hangs really bad? Connect to a computer to boot up.
– No custom boot logos
– Firmware updates are annoying to handle, but then again that would depend on how nicely the exploit was implemented and how stuff in NOR is dealt with (keep at 2.1.1 stuff, replace with 2.1.1 kernel on fs? put patched 2.2 stuff and have it default to dfu every boot? there are a few possibilities)
– It will waste a lot of our time to work on versus finding a permanant jailbreak
– 2.2 OTB people will encounter some issues that would require a workaround, due to a new NAND that 2.1.1 iBoot does not support, which would also take more time away from searching for a bootrom exploit
– People won’t read the fine print (the fact that it is tethered) and complain that we bricked their iPods, taking away time from us
– We will have to support any problems people are having, taking time away from searching for a bootrom exploit, and just not helping them would make us come off in a bad light, so that is not much of an option
– Datel and our buddies in the ea$t would surely leech off of our success by making cheap and unreliable dongles that an be manufactured for not much at all in China, and they could be sold for $50 or more becuase they know that people will buy into it
– And the list goes on

Permanent Jailbreak
– Firmware update resistant, bug can never be closed
– Custom patched LLB, iBoot, etc. always in NOR and always validated by the new cot
– Custom boot logos
– Reboot as many times as you want without connecting to a computer. Low battery? No problem. Application crashed bad? No problem.
– Linux
– We won’t be preoccupied with getting a permanent jailbreak as we would be if we released a tethered one, so that would give us the time to make some cool hacks for jailbroken people
– Did I mention you don’t have to be hooked up to a computer?

Hopefully people asking for a tethered jb will take a look at that and realize why it is definitely not a good idea. In other news, I uploaded 0wnboot to the Downloads section of the chronicdev google code for any developers out there who want to tinker around. I must apologize, but we have still not properly got all of the bugs worked out with the new iRecovery that has /dumpMem , so hold tight!

4 Responses to “Chronic Dev Team: Why Untethered Jailbreak isn’t Coming Any Time Soon”

  1. Michael Says:

    they are going to make an unteathered JB
    but it wont happen soon?

  2. psp2468 Says:

    Ya they will try.

  3. psp2468 Says:

    WE HAVE MOVED! GO TO for future updates!

  4. David Says:

    They just maid an untethered one but it has crashed on me and i have had to reboot it and i will have to wait for the tethered one to come out

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