Adding Installer 4.0 to your iPhone/iPod Touch Through Cydia, and Vice Versa.

If you want to use your jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch to it’s full potential, I recommend you install Installer 4.0 alongside with Cydia.  It will allow you to install more apps and gives you more options.  Follow whichever guide applies to you.

Install Installer 4.0 from Cydia:

  1. Launch Cydia from the springboard.
  2. You will need to install the “SOS iPhone Cydia” repository.  (skip this step if its already installed). Simply click on the “Sections” tab, scroll down to “Repositories” and tap it.  Scroll down the list until you find the “SOS iPhone Cydia” repository and install it.
  3. After the installation is complete, go back to Cydia and click on the “Search” tab.
  4. Type in “Installer” and scroll near the bottom where it says “Installer from SOS iPhone Cydia” with the apple logo to the left.
  5. Install, go back to your springboard, and enjoy!

Install Cydia from Installer 4.0

  1. Launch Installer from the springboard.
  2. Click on the “search” tab and type in “Cydia”
  3. Scroll down to “Cydia SOSiPhone.”  The description is in French but it works nonetheless.  Open it up and install it.
  4. After the installation is finished, go back to your Springboard and enjoy!

Questions and comments are always welcome.

3 Responses to “Adding Installer 4.0 to your iPhone/iPod Touch Through Cydia, and Vice Versa.”

  1. rileyman Says:

    you could download terminal in installer and type in terminal apt-get cydia

  2. Troubleshooting With iPod Touch 2G Windows Jailbreak (tethered) « AllTechRelated Says:

    […] Tip 5) The jailbreak includes installation of Cydia.  If you want Installer 4, follow my guide here. […]

  3. psp2468 Says:

    WE HAVE MOVED! GO TO for future updates!

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