Troubleshooting With iPod Touch 2G Windows Jailbreak (tethered)

Due to the large number of people having problems jailbreaking their iPod Touch 2g, I have decided to release a few tips to follow.  If you are having trouble, I will do my best to help out.  I will update this as I find more problems.  If these tips don’t help, email me at

Tip 1) Make sure you followed the directions carefully.  Don’t try to rush through. It’s a very simple step, but you might be surprised by how many people skip steps and mess it up.  BE PATIENT.

Tip 2) If you get an error on step 8 when trying to run iRecovery, make sure you are in the correct folder.  If it still isn’t working, download this.

Tip 3) If you are having problems with step 10, your screen won’t turn white, or iRecovery doesn’t recognize your iPod, YOU PROBABLY DIDN’T GET INTO DFU MODE.  If the iTunes logo comes up on the screen, you are in RECOVERY mode, not DFU mode.  Here is how I get into DFU mode:

*While the ipod is ON (unless you are on step 13 or jailbroken), hold down the power+home buttons for 10 seconds and listen for a disconnection sound on the computer.  Let go of the power button while continuing to hold down the home button for at least 5 seconds.  Let go after the computer makes another connection sound.  If your screen is black, you are in DFU mode.  Don’t toy with the buttons anymore until you are told to do so.  It may take multiple times but it will always work.

Tip 4) If the iPod will no longer turn on, IT’S A GOOD SIGN.  The same thing applies if your iPod is “unrecognized”.  Your iPod didn’t die.  It is ready to be jailbroken.

Tip 5) The jailbreak includes installation of Cydia.  If you want Installer 4, follow my guide here.

Tip 6) Commands not working?  Make sure you hit “enter” after pasting each command.

Tip 7) Hold the “SHIFT” key when loading the ipsw in iTunes.  FOLLOW THE STEPS.

This is just a few short tips I pulled together.  I will update this list with more tips as I run into more problems.  As psp2468 states, he does not have an iPod Touch 2G and can’t troubleshoot well.  I have the iPod Touch 2G, so I can help you further.  Good luck and have fun jailbreaking!

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