101 Most Essential iPhone Apps of 2008

Maclife have posted a cool acticle with their 101 most essential iPhone apps of 2008. All credit for this list goes to them. Watch out, it is a loooooong list.

Here they are:

101. Ms. PAC-MAN
We got PAC-MAN fever, it’s driving us crazy. We’re going out of our minds. Not the greatest game in the App Store, but sometimes you ned some nostalgia. Read the rest of this entry »

Review: Bike or Die 2!

I have decided to do a review for the AppStore game called ‘Bike or Die 2‘. I first actually heard of this game back in the day when I had a Palm. They had a black and white version which I used ery often and having download the ‘Bike or Die 2’ version of the game for the iPhone it brought back good memories. In fact, the first few levels included in the ‘Bike or Die 2‘ game were identical to the ones in the original version. It cost $2.99 for the game on the AppStore.

The game actually has around 400 different levels included in the download. However, they also have countless more that you can download straight onto your iPhone/iPod Touch over the internet or 3G network. They are small files so they don’t take alot of space on your iPhone. Read the rest of this entry »