How to Re-Enable Unlock and Jailbreak in Mac OS X 10.5.6

As you may or may not have noticed, the 10.5.6 Mac OSX update disabled the ability to unlock and jailbreak your iPhone/iPod Touch. Here is a guide that fixs this for you. Read the rest of this entry »


Warning: 10.5.6 MacBooks May Freeze After Jailbreaking iPhone 3G

From Gizmodo:

This weekend, I learned the hard way that trying to jailbreak an iPhone 3G using a MacBook running 10.5.6 can totally freeze up the machine later on. Here are the specifics: UPDATED

Short version: Be careful with that latest QuickTime update if you have run any “DFU fix” Automator scripts on your unibody (Late 2008 ) MacBook or MacBook Pro. Do not upgrade to QuickTime 7.6 until you’ve repaired the alterations that the script made to your system. UPDATE: I am learning from commenters that this is not just limited to unibody Late ’08 MacBooks, but it applies to ALL MacBooks running 10.5.6. Read the rest of this entry »

How to get Emoji iPhone Emotions for Free without Jailbreaking

Here is a guide which shows you how to get the Emoji iPhone Emotions for free without jailbroken your iPhone/iPod Touch.

If you don’t know what Emoji are, here is a screenshot of them:


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How to Install Old Mac OS 7 on your iPhone/iPod Touch

A new old mac OS emulator has been released onto Cydia. It is called MiniVmac.


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How to Get Alphanumeric Passwork for your iPhone/iPod Touch

Here is a cool guide I found on how to get alphanumeric (number and letter) password on your iPhone/iPod Touch instead of the simple 4 number one. You don’t even need a jailbroken (hacked) iPhone/iPod Touch! Read the rest of this entry »

How to install Five-Column Springboard!

Here is a guide on how to get a five column springboard on your iPhone/iPod Touch. This looks great and allows you to have way more applications on your iPhone/iPod, instead of having only 16 per page, you now have 20.


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How to Unlock your iPhone 3G!

Here is a guide taken off BigBoss’s website. All credit goes to him for the guide.

The iPhone dev team’s 3g unlock, yellowsnow is out. There are some changes in how it works. The 3g unlock will require you to be on baseband 2.28.00 which comes with iPhone OS v2.2. This means that those of you that pwned your iPhone to 2.2 without a full restore will now need to restore to 2.2 directly in iTunes so that your baseband gets updated to 2.28. You can check your baseband version in settings, general, about menu. Look for modem firmware. This is beta. If you have a working SIM adapter solution, I recommend that you do not update your baseband and try this. Here is a brief set of steps for those that need a 3g unlock: Read the rest of this entry »