Play 1.50 Kernel Homebrew on your PSP Slim

By DarK AleX


  • LEDA is a program that integrates into M33 custom firmwares to let some old 1.00/1.50 homebrew to run.
  • To avoid waste of memory, leda is only loaded when necessary.
  • Current compatibility is unknown as is still in beta.
  • Although it may work on previous m33 versions, it has only be tested on 5.00 M33.
  • The development of LEDA doesn’t mean that development of 1.50 kernel addon will be ceased. 1.50 addon is very easy to code, and thus it will still be coded for almost full 1.5 compatibility, but LEDA has some advantages over it. Read the rest of this entry »


Aircrack Released on PSP – Crack Wifi Passwords on your PSP – NEW VERSION

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A new application has been released on the PSP. A port of the computer application AirCrack which hacks Wifi password. Remember this is in beta. Read the rest of this entry »

Zer01ne’s Recovery Menu Mod

CXMB Manager BETA 1 Released

Here is the first beta release of CXMB manger.

– The purpose of CXMB Manager is to make the cataloging, and sorting, of your CXMB theme files easier. Read the rest of this entry »

PSPaint v3 Released

A Paint application has been released onto the PSP. This is the 3rd version.


Read the rest of this entry »

Ultimate PSPTube v1.8 Released


A new version of the PSPTube application has been released, v1.8. This app allows you to view Flash videos on many, many flash video websites.


  • Spike is now included
  • Revision3 is now included
  • TheTend is now included
  • Added special searches for MetaCafe
  • Made small improvements to the description filter
  • Fixed a bug in StageVu where the thumbnails weren’t showing as the site changed
  • Fixed a bug in CrunchyRoll that caused it to reach the end of results on the first page
  • MuchoSucko script is fixed after the videos stopped working
  • Google Video script is fixed after the videos stopped working
  • MegaVideo and MegaPorn thumbnails now don’t show to stop the search from being slow Read the rest of this entry »

iR Shell v4.9 Released

Ahman, the created of the PSP shell iR Shell has released a new version v4.9.

Here is what he said about it:

Here is a new iR Shell update, enjoy. You can find a new feature summary below. For a complete list and their usage description, refer to the “Release Note” document in the archive.

New feature summary:
– Support Playstation Network downloable games & demos. Read the rest of this entry »