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Here is a list of ALL the posts and pages on the website, the new version of this website.



Problems with

Just an update from us at AllTechRelated. MediaFire, the website where we have most of our downloads hosted seem to be having trouble. Some downloads aren’t working.

Just to inform readers so that you don’t get frustrated. MediaFire is working on the problem as we speak. If the downloads work for you be happy : )

-psp2468 – I’m a Guest Blogger

I would just like to inform the readers that I am now a guest blogger on the technology website

You can see my first post here:

Archos 5 Touch Screen Internet Media Tablet Review


Donation Button Added ——->

You may or may not have noticed that I have added a donation button to the blog to hopefully raise some money so I can buy a proper domain and maybe some hosting.

It is on the top left for those who can’t find it : )

Just know that, any amount helps in a big way, even if it is only $1.



Added More Pages

Just a heads up, I have added more pages within the iPhone/iPod Touch sections and the PSP sections of the site.

In the iPhone/iPod Touch section I added:

In the PSP section I added:

More pages will be added soon in both sections.


Site Update

Hello readers of AllTechRelated! Just wanted to give you a quick heads up on the situation at AllTechRelated. As the site is still in its infancy, were still trying new things out in order to make the experience as efficient/enjoyable/enriching as possible. You may have noticed the theme change – we think it makes it makes the site look cleaner, while keeping the most important thing at the forefront – the content.

At the top right corner you’ll see some buttons for a few major categories. Clicking these will give you some more sub-categories and in some cases tips and how-to guides. This is where, for example you’ll find the Cydia and Installer Sources List or specific news about your platform of choice.

The rest of the site should be pretty straight forward. While the old design was alright, we thought it was a bit cluttered and detracted from the articles we posted. We do ofcourse welcome your feedback about the new design. Maybe we were wrong and it looked better before? Or is this new one better? Or maybe theres another feature you’d like to see?

Finally, on behalf of everyone who has worked on AllTechRelated, I’d like to thank you all for reading us.

-AllTechRelated Team

All Better!

I reinstall Windows so all my trojan problems are fixed 🙂 I shall keep posting as usual now.

I would just like to say THANK YOU SlinkyDFW for helping me!


Got Trojan ‘Prunnet.exe’

I have got a trojan called ‘prunnet.exe’ which is why I have not been so active today.

I was wondering if anyone out their could help. I have installed numorous Maleware cleaners and they have, after getting rid of the trojan, say my computer is clean.

Is it possible that the trojan is actually still their even though numorous Maleware removers say it isnt?

Thank you


Happy Birthday to Me! + Website Statistics

Its my birthday today so I have decided to release that statistics of the website so you guys, the viewers, can see how we are doing.

Website Created: August 21st (4 months and 1 day ago or 123 days ago)
Total Amount of hits: 50,922
Amount of post: 228
Amount of pages: 7
Amount of Catagories: 31
Amount of Comments: 145 (96 approved, 49 spam)

Thank you to all the viewers for visit the site!


We Now Have Twitter!

AllTechRelated have now got a Twitter account. We shall post links to the newest posts on our website plus any other news. Follow us now!

For those who don’t know what Twitter is, its a social networking thing that allows you to post little messages on your Twitter page about what your doing or where your going and people can see what your up too. You can have a private account so only your friends can see your messages or a public account.

If you ‘follow’ someone, on your twitter homepage will come up all the messages from all the people you are following.

Join twitter if you dont already have it. It is a very interesting tool!

Befriend me at now!