3 WiiBrew Media Players – Wii Homebrew

This is post on the QJ forums by IsaacC

Here are some of the best Wiibrew media players I’ve encountered. They all have their share of bugs and limitations, but they also have their bright spots. Read the rest of this entry »

Some Wii Homebrew Games + Applications

I thought I would just post some Wii Homebrews games and applications that I am now using to get you started off in the Wii homebrew world. To install these applications and games, just copy the folder into the App folder on your SD memory card. Read the readme for each app for other instructions that are specific to one app. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Hack your Wii!

I just managed to hack my Wii today which allows it to play Homebrew games and applications + be able to play DVDs!

Anyways, here is the guide I used to do it. I did not made this guide.

“Hacking Your Wii for Homebrew Read the rest of this entry »

Bricks-OS v0.0.3 Released!

Karothacker has posted a very intersting post on consolespot.net. Maximus32 has created a custom Operating System that works on the following game consoles:

The list of currently supported game consoles:

– Gameboy Advance
– Nintendo DS
– GameCube
– Playstation2
– Playstation Portable
– Wii
– i386 PC (not really a Game Console 🙂

The list of current features include: Read the rest of this entry »