Easy Free Way to Get Lyrics on your iPhone/iPod Touch

Here is a guide written by Doc259 on how to get lyrics onto your iPhone/iPod Touch easily and for free.


Okay so this is by far the easiest way to get lyrics on your ipod.
its simple
its easy
its fast
its worth it

okay lets get started….

  1. Open up iTunes
  2. download the iTunes Friend application onto your computer (link above)
  3. Once iTunes Friend is finish installing, simply run the program and select “automaticaly find lyrics for all itunes songs”
  4. iTunes Friend will now find tbhe lyrics to almost all your iTunes songs (i only had 4 that it didnt find but i added those from another program)
  5. The process is verrrry fast, for ex. i had about 500 songs in itunes and it found the 496 in about 3-5 mins
  6. Once that is done, all you have to do is re-synce your ipod/iphone with that list
  7. Then just go onto the standard music player on your device, play a song, and tap the album artwork, the lyrics should pop up and you can scroll up and down at your free will

iTunesFriend website: CLICK ME

Original Post: CLICK ME

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