Play 1.50 Kernel Homebrew on your PSP Slim

By DarK AleX


  • LEDA is a program that integrates into M33 custom firmwares to let some old 1.00/1.50 homebrew to run.
  • To avoid waste of memory, leda is only loaded when necessary.
  • Current compatibility is unknown as is still in beta.
  • Although it may work on previous m33 versions, it has only be tested on 5.00 M33.
  • The development of LEDA doesn’t mean that development of 1.50 kernel addon will be ceased. 1.50 addon is very easy to code, and thus it will still be coded for almost full 1.5 compatibility, but LEDA has some advantages over it. Read the rest of this entry »

1.50 Kernel Addon for 5.02 GEN-a

The 1.50 kernel addon has been released by the GEN-a team for their recent firmware released 5.02 GEN-a.

To install it, simply place the UPDATE folder in PSP/GAME/. Read the rest of this entry »