Dash PSP Theme for 5.00m33

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Play 1.50 Kernel Homebrew on your PSP Slim

By DarK AleX


  • LEDA is a program that integrates into M33 custom firmwares to let some old 1.00/1.50 homebrew to run.
  • To avoid waste of memory, leda is only loaded when necessary.
  • Current compatibility is unknown as is still in beta.
  • Although it may work on previous m33 versions, it has only be tested on 5.00 M33.
  • The development of LEDA doesn’t mean that development of 1.50 kernel addon will be ceased. 1.50 addon is very easy to code, and thus it will still be coded for almost full 1.5 compatibility, but LEDA has some advantages over it. Read the rest of this entry »

Orange OS PSP Theme for 5.00m33

Aircrack Released on PSP – Crack Wifi Passwords on your PSP – NEW VERSION

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A new application has been released on the PSP. A port of the computer application AirCrack which hacks Wifi password. Remember this is in beta. Read the rest of this entry »

SchiDeLoaDeR for 5.02GEN and 5.00m33

The SchiDeLaoDeR PSP Theme has been released for 5.02GEN-a and 5.00m33.


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NoUMD Plugin – Stop the UMD spinning Unnecessary

Here is an amazing plugin called NoUMD that stops the UMD spinning unnecessarily in your PSP meaning you can store a UMD in there without the horrible whirling noise. Read the rest of this entry »

Savior – PSP Space Shooter Game Released

A cool new PSP space shooter called Savior has been released.


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Skyfox2k’s Glass PSP Theme for 5.00m33 and 5.02GEN-a

Here is the amazing PSP theme by Skyfox2k called Glass. It works with both 5.00m33 and 5.00GEN-a.

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SidePixel PSP Theme for 5.00m33 + 5.02GEN-a

A new PSP theme called SidePixel has been released for 5.00m33 AND 5.00GEN-a.


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PSP 3000 Homebrew SDK – Sparta SDK

Remember the GripShift exploit I posted about a while ago. Well, here is the SDK that allows you to create homebrew for it. The first game, a Pong game, has already been created for it. Read the rest of this entry »