Video – The Italien Man who went to Malta

Backflip in a Truck!

Daily Video: The Wonder Boner!

Daily Video: Lighting Strike

Here is an awsome video of lighting hitting the ground near a person who is filming. Start the video at 40seconds.

Guitar Hero: Metallica Trailer Released!

Video: Ice Cream Cake and Strippers Don’t Mix

Here is the video of the day. This is a video called ‘Ice Cream Cake and Strippers Don’t Mix’. It is part of the PhillipDefranco show which is a YouTube show that comes out Monday – Fridays. Sxephil, the name he goes by, is the 3rd most subscribed director on YouTube.

Bush Dodges Shoes Thrown At Him!

Here is a second video because I couldnt wait to post it tomorrow. Bush dodges a show that is thrown at him!

Daily Video: Jizz in my Pants

I am going to try and add a daily video that I find funny or cool. Here is todays. It’s a song called ‘Jizz in my pants’. Actually a pretty good song.

To dowload the song: CLICK ME