OSX Leapord For Your PSP!

Kr3w5k8r32 has released an amazing Portal for the PSP that makes your PSP have what looks like OSX Leapord on your PSP.

Here are some screenshots:

Here is what he wrote about it,”v0.95 BETA – Features and Changelog

– Dock Applications Folder has changed icon.
– Dock Text Name is popping up above them when hovered.
– Dock hover icons is already loaded before you hover them (So you don’t need to wait for it to load).
– iPhoto is now possible to start from the dock.
– Time Machine has been improved (No image background to the text’s frame).
– When starting fullscreen applications or games, your account will log out (to save memory). You will not notice it.
– You can now restart the Mac from the apple menu without loosing your whole settings.
– Boot Camp has now improved its design (a little).
– Login page has now a checkbox feature so you can remember the name and password (You don’t need to type in them again).
– In the install page, you must now type in a name to continue.

For more info, continue…

Login page


Mac HD


Desktop & Screen Saver


Time Machine


Boot Camp

To download: CLICK METhe creators website: http://www.dolphinprojects.co.nr/
Via Consolespot

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