SchMeDiaSchEnTeR 2009 Released for 5.00m33 + 5.02GEN-a

The PSP theme called SchMeDiaSchEnTeR has been updated to work with 5.00m33 and 5.02GEN-a.


CTF File has the magic bit to be used on 5.00m33.

If you want to use this on 5.02GEN then run the ctf_converter in the same folder as the ctf and it will patch the magic bit and all will be good.

To download: CLICK ME

2 Responses to “SchMeDiaSchEnTeR 2009 Released for 5.00m33 + 5.02GEN-a”

  1. mmlgdcll Says:

    hi i like this theme very much
    could you send the other wallpaper to my email address
    thx a lot ^_^

  2. mmlgdcll Says:

    my email address is

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