GUI Jailbreaking iPod Touch 2nd Gen Application for Windows Released!

Come Visit the New Site at

Here is a jailbreaking tool for the iPod Touch 2nd Generation for Windows. If you are having trouble doing it, try this!



HERE is the semi-tethered working jailbreak with a HD video tutorial: CLICK ME

Hi there, I have been working on a GUI software for the iPod Touch 2G jailbreak, now it still needs some little manual actions which are described in the program itself.. READ ALL STEPS CAREFULLY!!

Note: You can also use this program just to boot your device, just press Next to step 5 and follow the instructions.

DOESNT Seem to work on 64bit !! SORRY (some got it working on vista)


UPDATE: V1.2 – Download links updated

Download Link:

78 Responses to “GUI Jailbreaking iPod Touch 2nd Gen Application for Windows Released!”

  1. Anas Says:

    Gonna try it now, even thou I’m using Vista, I have other machine running XP just in case

  2. Jimmy Says:

    hope it works, because i tried the other guide and i got stuck with the blank screen!

    downloading! thanks

  3. tygr20 Says:

    I made it to step 5, and got stuck, couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong- the JB software was saying “no iPod found” in the command window. I’ll wait until someone else has had success and can maybe explain what I’m doing wrong.

  4. Anas Says:


    Now what 😛 ?, I’ve never used Ipod touch or iphone, dunno what to do with Cydia …

  5. tygr20 Says:

    Never mind: for some reason it left DFU mode on the last step the first time I tried it. Appears to work great! Thanks guys!!

  6. Ipoduser Says:

    How to reboot the ipod? must i use the program with the pc?

  7. theoristanon Says:

    !!! everything went perfectly up until the last step.
    it says enter “go” and “/exit”, except you don’t get the chance to! when you click the button for these 2 steps it looks like a very quick batch file runs cmd and closes it right after. I’m not sure if that part of the program is working properly. Please help me. I’m stuck now and can’t get past this step.

  8. theoristanon Says:

    Step 7
    buttons 1 & 3 work. You can see the cmd completing successfully.
    Buttons 2 & 4 do not. (after holding the enter key and watching the batch flash windows down my screen about 50 times i was able to make out some of the words)
    I beleive i seen the first line with something like:
    USB – ipod ….
    (dots not there, they are for expression)
    and the second line said:

    Please help!

  9. David Says:

    Does this work on windows XP?

  10. theoristanon Says:

    *I figured it out*
    (sorry for my episode there)

    i went back to step 5 and did it over again.
    step 7 threw me off with those BOLD RED LETTERS.
    if you ignore them and just do the steps without trying to
    reset into DFU mode everything goes fine.

  11. aaron Says:

    MY IPOD BRICKED!!!! i had it in the middle of the program, step 5…. itunes was installing the jailbroken firmware, and my mom closed it cuz i was out to eat…. idk why bricked, but when i got back the GUI program was closed cuz my mom thought i wasnt using it… i need help!

  12. jonathan Says:

    Please help!! when i got to step 7, i’m in dfu mode, i uploaded the patched dfu file. then when i click on the “enter go and /exit” button nothing happens and i can’t enter anything at all! I’m also using Vista32-bit.

  13. Aaron Says:

    installed the jailbroken ipsw. itunes loaded it then said “usb mailfuction, cannot read device” did i just brick it?

  14. nico Says:

    doesn’t work, just keeps bringing up the save/open menu.

  15. Alex Says:

    i cant seem to get it to work ill just let the dev them doo their thing i guess

  16. john Says:

    i saved the file but it does not let me open it

  17. john Says:

    what program do i use to open it with

  18. Carter Says:

    Hey anyone who is complaint about the screen turning white,
    It’s supposed to do that! God read the readme and instructions

    Next, anyone who needs help can go on But seriously if your saying all it popped up is the open/save screen that’s just sad… It’s supposed I do that to. All you have to do is find custom firmware you created or the jailbroken. If you get error 1403 I don’t know u more then likely didn’t put it in dfu mode or your screen didn’t go white… So stop trying you little 8 year olde and go play kirby and mario!

  19. Big Al Says:

    Same issue as aaaron. made to the final screen of the gui and after that first “go and /exit” the ipt2g is unresponsive. can’t talk to it in irecovery or anything, and computer shows unknown usb device now…. Is my touch trashed now? Is there some way to get it back at this stage?

  20. tygr20 Says:


    For those who think they’re “bricked” right now, I had the same problem at first: go into recovery mode(power + home for 10 seconds, release power and continue holding home for 8 more seconds, release) and you should be able to restore to an older official Apple firmware, and try again. If it doesn’t work straight from DFU mode, unplug your iPod, count to 2, and plug it back in to get the white screen mode.

  21. Big Al Says:

    What about those of us that get “usb device not recognized” after the first half of step7. Itunes doesn’t even see my ipt2g. I can’t even get testlibusb to show an ipod now.

  22. psp2468 Says:

    For those having trouble, I uploaded a newer version. Download it now!

  23. Ryan Says:


    Is this all you need to jailbreak your ipod???

  24. Shenee` Says:

    Can someone who’s done this please email me to help me?
    My email is

    PLEASE! I’m struggling BIGTIME!

  25. David Says:

    What steps do I do if I reboot my iPod and lose the jailbreak?

  26. psp2468 Says:

    You have to plug in the iPod if you reboot it. This is what a tethered jailbreak means.

  27. mini Says:

    My Ipod is stuck on a black screen after step 4. computer won’t detect it as a ipod any more and holding the sleep and home wont work.

  28. Alexmkiwi Says:

    for everyone that cannot get the ipod to turn on the firmware is still running just the screen is not on just hold both buttons for ten seconds then the home until it connects to windows

  29. mini Says:

    Alexmkiwi I’ve tryed that but windows detects it as a unknown device.

  30. bosok Says:

    is it step 3 and step 5 is the same???

  31. bosok Says:

    yess!!! at last!! jailbreak my ipt2g..
    to mini, in ur situation,juz try to hold the power and home button at the same time for about 10-12sec.
    and then release the power button.
    try it again until u hear the sound of ‘ding’, such as usb disconnected.
    try it for several times, bcoz it happen to me such.

  32. bosok Says:

    forgot to say, when u release the power button, keep pressing the home button for 5-8 sec…

  33. mini Says:

    I’ve sloved the problem i had to hook it up to a vista computer and force the ipod driver to it.

  34. star Says:

    what program should i run this on? it sais it cannot work on what i have. i have vista.

  35. mini Says:

    you should be fine. Just if your computer stops detecting it as a ipod youll have to force the driver on it with device manager. and step 6 won’t work use step 4’s press me insted.

  36. Zaph Says:

    Um… when I got to the iRecovery step, and pressed the button, the command prompt came up but the gui crashed :/
    I don’t know what to do here, so I am downloading the automated version

  37. 4 Second iPod Touch 2nd Generation Bootloader « AllTechRelated Says:

    […] 4 Second iPod Touch 2nd Generation Bootloader February 3, 2009 — psp2468 Here is a new tool to that you use when you wanna reboot your iPod Touch 2nd Generation after you have jailbroken it using the tethered jailbreak. […]

  38. bosok Says:

    anyone ever try igopher for jb ipt2g?

  39. mytch Says:

    u guys no worries about bricking your ipod. If it does brick than you can just restore your ipod to default. yeah its a pain in the but to get all your apps back but its better than nothing.

  40. mytch Says:

    this is so hard to do… i got to the last step. pushed all 4 buttons just like they said. my ipod starts up and…..nothing, just a plain pld default ipod. no installer no cydia. nothing. i think this is bull crap right here.

  41. Jayshow Says:

    My ipod’s screen won’t turn white. That’s strange.

  42. Shyaam Says:

    Hey i did step 4 and now my ipod cannot be reconized anyone know how to force the driver on my device manager?

  43. Veilside Says:

    Hey the lib 32 software you have to install makes my usb ports stop working… I am using vista but I thought people were saying it would still work… also I can seem to get my ipod to get the dfu mode… I hold the buttons but it just shuts off noting else… please help me!

  44. Veilside Says:

    Hey I am using vista and the lib 32 software makes my usb ports stop working… also I cant get my ipod to enter dfu mode I hold the buttons like Im supposed to but it just shuts off doesnt do anything else???

  45. d00k Says:

    I noticed in step one, when checking the log it said :

    merging Tempbatch\Cydia.tar

    cannot find Tempbatch\Cydia.tar, make sure your slashes are in the right direction

    should i put Cydia.tar in the tempbatch folder ????


  46. iPod_2g_User Says:

    I would like a way to use this same program or similar that would include the app installer. Anyone else have a similar desire or perhaps a source that I could try?

  47. Matt Says:

    ok so I got to step 4, and I got the white screen, but when I press the “Press Me” button to open the comand prompt thing another window comes up and says ‘runtime error 340
    Control array 0 doesn’t exit’ what am I doing wrong, please help

  48. Panda Says:

    This worked for me… but i had to get cydia.tar from xpwn and put that into the tempbatch folder.. for some reason it wasnt there when it was supposed to be, and that just stopped it finishing making the jailbroken ipsw
    just so everyone knows cos i had to work that out

  49. psp2468 Says:

    Ya sorry guys, there seems to be a problem with the 1.5 version. I am currently uploading v1.7. This should have the fix.

  50. Matt Says:

    ok I dont get it, after “(Recovery) iPhone$” shows up on the command prompt, i dont know what to do, I pasted, but nothing happened…its been a while, is that all can I restore it with the the iPod2,1_2.2.1_5H11a_Restore thing already or what?

  51. h00rj Says:

    *waiting patiently for 1.7*

  52. psp2468 Says:

    The download link has been updated.

  53. Matt Says:

    ok so I got to step 4 again with v1.7 but after I let Itunes do its thing it says could not restore unknown error, and also is the file I’m supposed to pick really called “JailbrokenIPSW.ipsw” or not cuz mine’s always named differently

  54. VistaUser Says:

    Yes you are suppose to choose that file, as far as why you are getting a different name I dont know. But no matter what when it creates the IPSW it will go on the folder where you downloaded CyW00d. Make sure you hit and old shit key and click on restore in iTunes

  55. h00rj Says:

    Here’s something crazy:
    I did the whole thing with v1.7 in WinXP running in VMWare and got right up to step4 where you let iTunes do the restore, and got the error that Matt’s talking about.
    (however my file was indeed named JailbrokenIPSW.ipsw)

    After retrying several times with the same results, I copied all the files over to my desktop computer what’s runnin’ Windows 7 beta and picked up from step4 (all the steps before that fail in W7 because libUSB disables ALL USB ports, also the C++ package doesn’t install quite right and then it’s unable to communicate with the iPod)
    Then I moved it back to WinXP to finish off from step5.

    I couldn’t tell ya what that error is… Perhaps it doesn’t like being virtualized, or maybe something funny with a certain WinXP setup. I was running in a fresh install of WinXP, btw.

    It’s working perfectly now, thanks lots. You guys rock.

    Oh, one quick question: If you restore your iPod to the backup saved in iTunes, does it undo the jailbreak?

    Thanks again.

  56. VistaUser Says:

    Yes it will undo your jailbreak ! So do not resotre fro ma previous back prior to the jailbreak !

  57. Shyaam Says:

    Hey i jailbroken my ipod touch but the problem is the driver. Its unrecognized. I know alot of people are going to say force the driver on it. But how?

  58. VistaUser Says:

    When you installed the LibUSB program it will make it unrecognizable. You just have to put it into DFU mode. A lot of times people are counting the seconds wrong or they don’t. Press the correct buttons at the same time. Once its in DFU mode it should be fine, when you do this, make sure you have your speakers up so you can hear the chime, thats an indicator that its entering into DFU mode.

  59. Mike Says:

    Ok i did all the steps got to the itunes part. but when i restart my ipod wont startup. anyone else tried restarting their device after successfully completing all the steps???

  60. jimmyjames Says:

    this is an awesome GUI!!! great job!! jailbroke my 2g with little problems. i did have to download the original 2.2.1 firmware from apple than use that to make the custom jailbroken ipsw. than i ran into what appears to be a common problem… after itunes does it’s thing my ipod wasn’t recognized!!! but after waiting a few minutes i was able to put it in DFU mode again and the computer recognized it and it was smooth sailing from there!!! 😀

  61. Veilside Says:

    Any news on a vista version?

  62. h4rl3y123 Says:

    I’m in DFU mode but on step 3, uploading DFU file, it says “No iphone/ipod found”

    I have tryed many times but it still says that.

    Any one know an answer?

  63. h4rl3y123 Says:

    When my ipod is on DFU it does not show up in LibUSB test!

    Any answers…?

  64. Joon Says:

    Hey, are you gonna update this to the new semi-tethered redsn0w?

  65. Joe C Says:

    everytime i get to step 4 i always have a problem….i can never find the jailbroken.ipsw.ipsw…..what am i doing wrong?

  66. Rick Says:

    Does this work with the 2.1.1 firmware also?

  67. PZH Says:


    Thanks a lot ! . . .

  68. psp2468 Says:

    WE HAVE MOVED! GO TO for future updates!

  69. Dablakghost Says:

    Worked perfectly flawless the whole way through! And So easy too! I used my vista operating xps m1530. thanks much! I’m Going to try this bad boy out right now. Thanks Again

  70. TG Says:

    Did all of this and was working beautifully, THANK YOU, you ROCK!

    However, I held down the power button too long and did the “Slide to Power Off” ftn. Now the ipod won’t turn on. Tried everything, please help.

  71. Josh Says:

    Sweet Got it, thanks tons!

  72. happy owner Says:

    thanx alot
    it works perfectly

    if it dont work now you did somthing wrong

  73. Dank Says:

    How long am i supposed to wait when it says preparing ipod for restore? its been going for 10 minutes and nothing happens.

  74. eric Says:

    Thank a lot from CANADA!!
    It works!!!
    I’ve tried many other gabages…
    This is the ONE!
    Thanks Again

  75. psp2468 Says:


  76. iPod Touch 2G Latest Says:

    My iPod was died after do this method. Please help me.

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